I  am a very forward thinking Director, always working towards cinematic perfection or as close as I can get to it.

My many influences include, Mike Leigh, Peter Jackson, Spielberg and Eastwood, as well as Kubrick, Tarantino, Del Toro and more.

My aim is to create something unique and compelling and I am always pushing myself to achieve this even in the smallest production. I will work intensely with the Actors to get the best I can possibly get from them to help them shine on screen.

I have a good Technical knowledge of modern equipment, including the latest digital Cameras including, Arri, Black Magic, Sony and Red, I have learned the limits when shooting in digital and how far I can push these cameras.


                    Daniel P McCready.     

                    A Jobbing Director.

Recent work

Echo, Director/Producer/Writer.

Waiting for a Bus and Godot Too, Writer/Director

Au-Some Pirates, Director/Producer/Writer.

Melanie  Feature Film, Director of Photography.

Several Music Videos.

Fire & Brimstone, TV Pilot, Director/Producer.

Zombie Women of Satan 2, Production.

Broken England, TV Pilot, Writer/Director/Actor.

The Job, film, Writer/Director.

Sparky, film, Writer/Director.

Lollipops & Spitfires, Writer/Director.

Ginger Vitis, Writer, Director.

Innit, Writer.

I am currently working on 2 projects as a Director one for TV and the other a feature film.

I also have 4 feature length scripts and a TV Pilot that I am working on, looking to film these in 2016.

I have a passion for film and TV, I love to learn new ways to do things and new modern techniques shooting on both Film and Digital formats.

I'm a very hands on Director, I love working with the talent creating the film scene by scene.


                                        Screen Writing                                                                 

I am always fully committed to any project I undertake and will give 100% of my time and effort to the project.

I have written many scripts for others and have taken on and finished many draft screen plays.

I am currently writing a Book about my early life called Danny; this is in the early stages.



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