Broken England TV Pilot.

Broken England Pilot is now complete and is in post production,  we shot the whole film around Newcastle with a large cast and extras, The film will be online soon hopefully in a few weeks.

This film is about Sex,  Racism, Drugs and family loyalties,  two young people caught in the middle, will it pull them apart? Will they crack?

We have decided to put the film online as a 10 part pilot and seek distribution, we will also be entering this film into specially picked film festivals around the world.

The music is being composed by Elliott Daniel’s.

This is a fantastic Script with a great story line and we are looking for your help in getting this film made.

We have set up a Donation scheme to help fund our Feature film Mandy to be shot in 2013


Please Help us By Donating As Much as Possible

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Mandy Feature Film.

The test scenes (promo) and Teaser are now finished, Mandy is our first Feature Film, the whole film will be shot in the summer of 2014.

This film is a harrowing Tale of lust love and Revenge, this story is about a 16 year old girl Mandy, she rebels against her family and friends because of  the sexual abuse from her step father at home she starts mixing with the wrong kind of people gets in to trouble and starts on a long journey to find her real Father.

We are Actively seeking funding for this Project and have shot a short film Teaser to help in acquiring Financial backing for Mandy.

Zombie Queen

This will be our Third feature film, this will also be shot in and around Newcastle in 2016 we require a very large cast for this film and casting will start in February 2016.

The story is about the original Zombie queen, a Witch who was cursed to live an eternity as a walking dead and banished to Hell 3 thousand years ago, she returns to earth planing to take revenge on humanity by infecting the whole population, but there is one man who stands in her way, can he stop her?


Mandy Teaser



Our new TV pilot about two Hapless Private Detectives who specialise in the occult and everything that goes bump in the night. They had to relocate to a porta cabin after Jack accidentally set fire to the waste bin while smoking a joint.

When two Girls go missing from a local table dancing club and the police can’t find them, Jack Fire and Ebeneezer Brimstone are called in to help rescue the girls with predictable mayhem and disaster.

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Broken England


Fire & Brimstone


Mandy Feature Film



This story is about Peter Jackson, a married father of two. Peter is separated from his wife and kids he now lives in a small flat, alone. His wife Susan is divorcing him on the grounds of Peter being a cross dresser and she can’t cope with the stress.

Peter works a nine to five in an office but at night he transforms in to Honey, a drag queen who works at a local night club. Peter is not Gay this is just him, he can hide behind the makeup, forget about his boring life and come alive at night as Honey. Peter becomes ill and has many tests finding out he has Breast cancer, he finds this ironic and thinks he is being punished for his life. we follow him in his fight to survive or his slow painful slide to the abyss.


Peter Johnston Lost his wife Rebecca 11 months before, he and his Daughter Emily plan a visit to see Janice and Tom, peters sister and brother in law and to stay in their new house. When they get there things seen all too familiar to them, like they had been here before? Emily starts acting strange Disappearing from her bedroom and talking to herself? the house seems to watch their every move? When Peter learns of the family that lived in the house before things start to fit into place and they are in real danger from an unknown force.