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This is our NEW film Based on Waiting for Godot By Samuel Beckett with a Geordie Twist.

Two friends Davie and Stevie are waiting at an old bus stop in the middle of nowhere waiting for a man they have never met (Godot) they don’t now why they are waiting and they don’t know what to expect? they just know they must be there? Do they meet him? Do they give up? Only Time itself will tell.

Phrike Horror Film.

We are Now in Pre Production for Phrike our very first Feature Horror Film. This film is about Peter Johnston he Lost his wife Rebecca 11 months before and he has found it hard to bring up Emily all on his own. Peter and his Daughter Emily plan a visit to see Janice and Tom, peters sister and brother in law and to stay in their new house. When they get there things seen all too familiar to them, like they had been here before? Emily starts acting strange Disappearing from her bedroom and talking to herself? the house seems to watch their every move? When Peter learns of the family that lived in the house before and things start to fit into place. Peter realises that they are in real danger from an unknown force but is it to late?


This story is about Peter Jackson, a married father of two. Peter is separated from his wife and kids he now lives in a small flat, alone. His wife Susan is divorcing him on the grounds of Peter being a cross dresser and she can’t cope with the stress.

Peter works a nine to five in an office but at night he transforms in to Honey, a drag queen who works at a local night club. Peter is not Gay this is just him, he can hide behind the makeup, forget about his boring life and come alive at night as Honey. Peter becomes ill and has many tests finding out he has Breast cancer, he finds this ironic and thinks he is being punished for his life. we follow him in his fight to survive or his slow painful slide to the abyss.

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Broken England.

Broken England online serial has gone live  

A Broken England web page is up and running with cast details and all of the latest News and links to watch all ten Episodes.


Mandy Test shots have finished and a Teaser is online HERE.

We have now started to chose dates for Mandy Auditions,  more details to come, they will be posted here soon.

Most of the locations have been found for Mandy, we are now in negotiations and progress is good, we are on schedule to shoot in spring 2014, shooting mostly in the north of England.   

We have set up a share scheme to help fund our first Feature film Mandy to be shot in 2014.

There will also be a pay to play scheme anyone who donates more that £100 will be in the film as an extra, anyone who donates more than £500 will get the chance to play a speaking character in the film and anyone donating £1000 or more will play a featured role.

Lollipops & Spitfires, News coming soon .


Our first Feature film Mandy is in Pre Production.

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A clip of The Job our first venture into the world of comedy is online in Portfolio.

Amnesty International have added their support for Lollipops and Spitfires.

They have told us they love the script and the concept and would very much like to add their support for this film to be made, we would like to thank them for their kind words and their support for this very exciting project.

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