Damien Vitus is a normal ten year old kid according to his mother apart from, he’s opinionated, rude, selfish and lazy. He’s never wrong according to him but most of his teachers disagree. He will never back down and will always get revenge on anyone who crosses him, even older boys.

Damien happens to have bright ginger hair and freckles, other children tease him all the time calling him names. Until one day, when he managed to convince some children that his biggest bully David Snodgrass a 12 year old boy is a Zombie, things start to change? They must kill him by cutting his head off, he had seen it in a film once, it’s the only way to kill a zombie and they must bury him in the woods to save their families.

But, David finds out about their plan and sets his own plan in motion, Things become very strange indeed?

This film should be a lot of fun to work on, anyone interested in helping us out please contact me via email.

This feature film will commence pre-production from 1st February 2019.

Anyone who wants to get involved, drop me an email with your details and what you can offer…

Casting details will be announced soon after our first pre-production meeting.

I am looking for funding for this film, but whatever happens it will get made, either low budget or with full production cost covered.

Production roles required listed below.

CREW                               POST PRODUCTION

1st, Assistant Director        Editor/Colourist        

Camera Person/ DOP         Composer

Sound/Boom                     Sound Designer