Broken England is a story about Love, Religion, Drugs and Hate, two young people meet and fall in love, both of their families want to keep them apart but for different reasons.

Billy is 17 White and from a local Notorious Drugs family in the north of England, Alisha is also 17, she is from an Asian family, but she is mixed race as her mother was Iranian and her Father Pakistani, she has been promised in an arranged marriage but she desperately wants to avoid this happening.

True love is rarely a smooth path but for them the road is paved with many obstacles, mostly made up from the Racist and bigoted views of others and the hate that always follows.

They fight to stay together, but their Families clash with sometimes violent consequences, will they stay together or will they Break apart never to see one another again?

Mickey Joyce a local thug and drug dealer try's to muscle in on Steve England’s patch, Steve hits back and warns him off but this does not deter Mickey as he targets Steve’s dealers one by one beating them up to put as much  pressure Steve as possible.  

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