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Broken England is coming soon and it’s FREE on our You Tube Channel.

Details and Links will be HERE soon, keep checking back.

This is Broken England, a to real life Drama set is the North East of England. This web series is based on real life events but with fictitious characters. Billy England who falls in love with a girl (Alisha) who just happens to be Asian. Steven England Billy's older brother is a drug dealer with a reputation, Billy tries to hide this from Alisha but when Steve finds out about Alisha it all starts to go wrong for Billy and he finds out something that rocks him to the core.

Exclusive to VHX.COM

The whole series in one Package and watch them all at your convenience for just $1.99 that’s, ALL TEN EPISODES TOGETHER.

The first Three Episodes Territories, Drug Money & Pay Off. are on pre release to watch on VHX.TV. When you purchase the package.

A web serial over 10 Episodes, Broken England is a story of Drugs, young love, Religion and family loyalties, throw in a bit of violence and revenge. A young couple Billy and Alisha, all they want is to be together but because they are from different backgrounds/Religions they are kept apart by their families. They meet in secret but get found out and the two families go head to head but for very different reasons.

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Broken England Web Series.

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