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This film is an old style Horror, no blood or gore just good old fashioned scares and Lot’s of them. Most of the Action takes place inside an old house that now belongs to Peter’s sister Janice and her husband Tom.

Peter Johnston Lost his wife Rebecca 11 months before, he and his Daughter Emily plan a visit to see Janice and Tom, peters sister and brother in law and to stay in their new house. When they get there things seen all too familiar to them, like they had been here before? Emily starts acting strange Disappearing from her bedroom and talking to herself? the house seems to watch their every move? When Peter learns of the family that lived in the house before things start to fit into place and they are in real danger from an unknown force.


Casting will begin soon.


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Margaret, She is mid to late 20's and pretty, she is an Historian that has befriended Tom and Janice the owners of old low Phrike Hall, now called Hawthorne lodge, Margaret is doing some research on the old house.

Peter Johnston (Lead) Peter is in his late 20's-30's and a fireman, the father of Eight year old Emily, peter is a widower after the death of his wife Rebecca 11 months before in a car accident.

Peter is tall, strong, Caucasian and intelligent.

Tom is mid to late 50's-60's he has a beard/facial hair, but this is not a necessity, he is Caucasian and a retired teacher after a minor heart attack he decided to spend all of his time and energy renovating the old house they had bought.

Janice is Tom's wife, she is mid 50's-60's and also a teacher, she is still working but when we see her she has taken leave to organise a house warming party. She is, Caucasian, and quite well spoken.

Emily (Lead) 8-12 years old Peters Daughter, she is independent and strong. Needs to be a good speaker, she has a lot of dialogue.

Anyone looking to Audition Please contact the Director via email with your showreel or an Audition tape.

UK ONLY, we are shooting in the north of England.

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Arnold, Arni is 60’s Caucasian and a recovering Alcoholic, he is kind and  thoughtful and loves his wife Sally but, he has this annoying habit of doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression a really bad one at that, every time he leaves a room.

Sally, Sally is Caucasian late 50’s early 60’s she is a smoker and a bit short tempered but, nice in her own way.

Mary, Mary is 30’s Peters Neighbour and a close friend to Peter’s deceased wife Rebecca.

Rebecca, Rebecca is Caucasian 20’s Wife to Peter, she is kind, loving and a good mother to Emily.

Ed, Edward Brinkley, Caucasian, early 60’s semi retired doctor.

Liz, Elizabeth Brinkley, Caucasian, late 50’s early 60’s semi retired doctor.

Fiona Townsend, Fiona is 60’s, very quiet and rather shy.

Bob Twonsend, Bob is 60’s A rather Happy Chap With large side burns.

Charles, Charlie, Young Boy 14, one of the spirit children who haunt the old house.

James and Edward, Twins, younger brothers to Charles and Emily also spirit children who haunt the old house.

We also need some extras Various ages both male and female.

We have a new team for Phrike.                                                                    

Director\Producer Daniel P McCready.                                                             

1st AD,


Camera, David Ross.

Assistant Camera\Photo’s Matthew Dix.

Production & 2nd AD,

Lighting/Gaffer, Dave Morgan.

Sound Crew,

More to Follow.