This Supernatural short film is based on Real life events.

Taken from a short story by Sarah Jane Nichols.

Plot outline for Remnants of an Echo.

Sarah sings in a local bar she meets a guy (Derick) and they get together shortly after. A few weeks later Derick's ex (Mary) gets a job at the bar and starts to cause trouble for Sarah, soon after Mary dies of a drug overdose but Sarah doesn't find this out until later. Time has past and Sarah has had a son with Derick (Oliver) strange things start to happen to Sarah in her dreams, a woman stands in the corner of her room, WATCHING, Threatening, Scouring, she whispers I'm going to take your baby he's mine.

Her vivid dreams continue with each one getting more and more threatening. Things start happening in the house where Sarah lives. Things going missing, moving around, smashed, strange noises, shadows and Strange reflections.

Sarah visits a medium who tells her she needs to take care as this Entity in her dreams is real and she needs to take it seriously.

That night when Sarah returns home all HELL breaks lose as Mary is trying to kill Sarah and take her Child.

Gate2 Productions.Ltd.

The Production Team.

Daniel P McCready - Producer/Director/Writer.

Colin Cuthbert - 1st AD.

Lesley A McCready - Production Assistant.

Sarah Jane Nichols- Producer.

Sarah Lynn Waters - Production Assistant.

Robert John Waters - Music Effects.

Dave Ross - Camera.

The full Cast.

Sarah - Sarah Jane Nichols.

                    Derrick - Chris Iddon.


                   Mary - Susan French.

                   Kerry - Sarah Waters.

Oliver (Young boy) - Oliver Armstrong.