Danny and Kevin are two 12 year old friends playing with their little paper boats, sailing them down the river racing to the waterfall. But, when Danny wades into the cold water to rescue his boat that has grounded itself on some rocks their fun turns to a fight for life as Danny gets trapped and is being pulled under the Icy water by the strong current.

This Film is a ten minute short period Drama based in 1996. We are looking to shoot this film in the summer of 2016 over a three or four day period.

Casting has begun and is ongoing.

We are looking at the best locations around the UK for this film as well as local we are looking at Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Young Danny, Oliver Blake.

Young Kevin, Evan Atherton.

Older Kevin, ?

Lizzy, Natasha Goulden.

Danny (Kevin’s son) Matthew Johnson.

Sarah, Josie Briant.

Gate2 Productions All Rights Reserved.

Where the river flows.